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Leopard seal spotted near Pier 21, Auckland

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Leopard seal spotted in Auckland

Auckland’s leopard seal made an appearance again today in the water near Pier 21. The Fishing & Outdoors video team were out filming when they spotted the seal.

Department of Conservation (DOC) was immediately informed.

While it has not been confirmed yet if the leopard seal spotted is Owha, earlier sightings of her had led authorities to believe that she may be in danger after the resident Auckland seal was seen with a foreign object in her mouth. However, she was not hauled out for the authorities to assess her.

Leopard seals are protected marine species and DOC has issued warnings in the past, asking the public to not disturb the marine mammal.

Earlier in July, a leopard seal had washed up on Wellington’s waterfront.

Sightings can be reported on 0800 DOC HOT or 0800 LEOPARD.

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