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Summer game bird hunting season begins this weekend

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Images by Fish & Game

The North Canterbury summer season paradise shelduck hunting season starts this Saturday, 1 February and will run for the next six weeks until Sunday, 15 March.

Annual trends counts are still in progress but early reports indicate good numbers of birds exists across the North Canterbury region, in both Area A (East of SH1) and Area B (West of SH1), Fish & Game says.

The daily limit bags for licenced hunters is 15 birds in Area A and 20 birds in Area B of the North Canterbury region.

The summer season paradise duck hunting season has proven popular with hunters in recent years, says Fish & Game, and they advice hunters to make the most of this summer season.

A top tip for hunters utilising this harvest opportunity during the summer is to load up their chilly bins with lots of freezer packs and process the birds as quickly as possible.

In warm temperatures, birds can spoil quickly, sometimes within half an hour if they are not chilled immediately. Putting birds in plastic bags can often be a major reason for why the eating quality was ruined.

Paradise duck are a great eating bird and should, therefore, be savoured for the great meal they can provide.

The main game bird hunting season this year starts on Saturday, 2 May and many hunters will be using this summer paradise shelduck season as a prelude to the main event in May.

Source: Fish and Game NZ

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