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Fishing & Outdoors Vol 3 Issue 1

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We’re back in the new year with our first issue of 2021, which should be with our subscribers now. If you’d like to receive the next one straight in your inbox, subscribe to our free digital edition here.

There’s a lot humans can do to curb our impact on the blue marble planet that we have. With increasing emissions, raging wildfires, and erratic weather patterns, it’s only natural for people around the world to start looking at alternatives. And this search to reduce our carbon footprint has led us to the tiny-house movement. These small dwellings could be essential in a world that is quickly warming up.

So what’s the big idea behind tiny houses? We talk to Hawke’s Bay couple Francois and Sarah-Lee Guittenit, who are becoming increasingly well known for their exquisite tiny houses. Find out more in our front-page story this month.

On fishing success stories, we interviewed two teenagers: a 13-year-old who tagged two striped marlin at the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club Harcourt’s Juniors Fishing Tournament 2021, and a 15-year old, who caught a 364kg black marlin despite a broken collarbone. Both stories are worth reading and sharing.

And if you’ve been a little less lucky this summer, a slight tweak in tackle and technique may be all that you need, as F&O‘s Ben Hope explains in his feature story on how to successfully catch snapper in the Marlborough Sounds.

Before we leave, here’s something you’d like if you love the waves: The Yamaha New Zealand Festival of Freeride is back in 2021. Read all about it on page 4.

As always, we’ve reviewed a good bunch of books and are giving away a copy of Speed Kings by John Smailes. So don’t forget to check out our competition.

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