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Rainbow trout released in Lake Pupuke

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Marvin Daniel fishes Lake Pupuke. Photo: Supplied

Fish & Game staff have released 300 large rainbow trout into the Quarry Lake arm of Lake Pupuke on the North Shore this week.

The traditional release site on the East side of the lake was shifted to the smaller quarry lake to improve catch rates for anglers, says Fish & Game.

The small area of Quarry Lake makes it 20 times more likely that anglers will catch trout compared to fishing in the main lake, said Auckland/Waikato Fish and Game fisheries manager Dr Adam Daniel.

Reports have already come in of good fishing opportunities; one lucky angler caught and released 30 trout in a day’s fishing.

“Because the fish have come from a hatchery, they will be adjusting to feeding on their own so fishing with bait under a float will be extremely effective for the next couple of weeks,” Daniel said.

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Quarry lake is located between Northcote Road and the hospital next to the North Shore Canoe Club.

The new landscaping around the lake makes it a great spot to take kids fishing.

A licence is required to fish for trout but kids’ licences are free and available on the Fish & Game website.

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