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Tips to store boat tractors in winter

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One of the maintenance tips for tractor storage includes regular CMP: cleaning, maintenance, and protection. Photo: Supplied

While it is not the end of the summer season yet, it is important to spare some thought on storing boats during the colder months. AgSpares has some handy tips for stress-free boat storage this winter.

“When it is time to put your boat tractor away for the season, how you put it away can affect how ready they are when you get them back out,” says Tim Bakers from AgSpares.

“One of the maintenance tips for tractor storage includes regular CMP (cleaning, maintenance, protection). This will save a lot of trouble the next time the boats are taken out.”

These include:

  • A good squirt with a high-pressure hose to remove excess dirt, seeds, dust, and biodegradable matter. Remember to not put a cover over the equipment until it has fully dried, as trapped water can cause rust.
  • If the tractor is parked outside with a cover over it, try and remove the cover occasionally to allow any moisture
    build-up to evaporate.
  • During cleaning, check that all belts, hoses, electrical connections, and hydraulics aren’t loose or leaking. Anything not repaired, replaced, or noted today could cause further problems down the track, especially if you need your equipment working in a hurry at the start of the spring fishing season.
  • Any scratches on the metal body will need paint, wax, or grease.
  • Fluid levels and filters should be checked and serviced before locking away for winter. The user manual should specify what pressure of inflation the tyres should be at when stored.
  • Reverse-park the machine into the shed to enable full vision when exiting. Lower all the attachments and hydraulics to the ground and apply the handbrake.
  • When reconnecting attachments such as a carry tray, never stand between the attachment and the tractor.

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Now is also a good time to add some Diesel Fuel Treatment, such as Fuel Master. This will help eliminate diesel bug, which can contaminate the fuel and damage the engine over time. Diesel bug thrives on diesel that is sitting around unused so try and leave as little fuel in the tractor as possible when in storage. Fresh fuel can be added when the tractor is brought out from storage.

Also, don’t forget the fishing gear. A soapy-water wash-down, complete drying, and a touch of WD40 applied to moving parts is generally all that is needed. It’s a good idea as well to back off the drag for the winter.

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