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GAC: Look after your mates this Roar

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Firearm safety is always important. Photo: Supplied

The Game Animal Council (GAC) is encouraging hunters to take all the necessary safety precautions to look after their mates during the upcoming Roar.

“The Roar is the highlight of the hunting calendar, and for some people, it’s bigger than Christmas,” said GAC general manager Tim Gale.

“While we really encourage hunters to get out and enjoy it, we also want to remind them of the simple things they can do to stay safe and look after their mates.

“Hunting parties need to make sure they are adequately prepared before they head away. This means making suitable plans based on a reliable weather forecast, leaving accurate intentions, carrying a distress beacon or other emergency communication device, and ensuring everyone in the party has the right food, clothing, and equipment for New Zealand’s changeable conditions.

“Looking after your mates also means taking into account the level of experience and fitness of those in your party and making sure everyone is involved in trip decision-making and is comfortable with the plans being made.”

Firearm safety is always important and is absolutely essential during the Roar when there are likely to be more people around.

“Even if you are hunting alone, you must assume that other hunters will be in the area so identify your target beyond all doubt,” said Gale. “If you and your mates are bush hunting, it is a good idea to wear blaze. Deer can’t see the colour, so it won’t impact your chances of landing that mature trophy stag.

“Finally, if you are sharing a firearm, make sure the person carrying it maintains responsibility for checking it is in the appropriate state of load.”

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