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Fishing & Outdoors Vol 4 Issue 6

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Family-founded Ocean Grid is making a difference. Although a small team, the Rudkins are inspiring tamariki and their local community, raising awareness, and influencing the critical change needed to protect the planet from the human rubbish that’s choking our ocean and sea life. We catch up with Amanda Rudkin to find out more about the Ocean Grid project and what we can do to protect the planet.

Last month saw around 50,000 game bird hunters out to mark the start of the game bird hunting season. While sunshine and light winds across the country might have been in the duck’s favour, it didn’t stop hunters from celebrating the traditional first Saturday in May, the Opening Day.

PlIn other news, Bushy Park Tarapuruhi welcomes 52 pōpokotea whiteheads, Fish City Albany was announced as the official dealer of Osprey Boats, and the rollout of cameras on fishing vessels is set to begin.

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