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Fishing & Outdoors Vol 4 Issue 7

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Last month, we came across Senka Radonich, an inspiring woman, who at the age of 40, put her outdoor business on hold, sold two-thirds of her stuff, and set out on an adventure to explore New Zealand. Along the way, she met some amazing women adventuring. 

After five months on the road, Senka headed back to Auckland, decided she no longer wanted to live there, and moved to Christchurch and set up the She Adventures NZ podcast dedicated to inspiring other women who are looking to get out there and adventure across New Zealand. In each episode, she talks with adventurous women from a range of fields.

In a candid chat with F&O, Senka shared her inspiring story.

In other news, Forest & Bird says DOC’s plan for feral deer and pigs misses the mark on climate, a new report throws management of orange roughy fishery into doubt, says Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, and environmental, fishing, and marine conservation groups have banded together to fight clauses in the Fisheries Amendment Bill.

There are more updates, features, boats for sale, plus, a chance to win a copy of Fish + Game Cookbook by the well-known game chef Angelo Georgalli.

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