Specialising in camping and outdoor products, Australian-based Nakie is a family-owned sustainable outdoor brand with a passion for nature.

“We love to venture off the beaten path in an endeavour to relax and explore leaving nothing but memories and footprints,” says Jaryd Leibbrandt, co-founder of Nakie.

“We understand the world is bigger than us and can see the negative impact humans can have on the environment. That is why we are working hard to do our part to contribute to sustainable living and more conscious decisions to make a difference.” 

The outdoor brand uses recycled bottles to create its range of hammocks and outdoor blankets.

“Here at Nakie we want to be part of the solution,” says Jaryd. “Each double hammock consists of approximately 37 recycled plastic bottles while each blanket is made from 54 recycled plastic bottles. This not only gives these bottles a new life but also helps remove them from landfill and hopefully decreases the amount of plastic we are seeing in our waterways.”

Jaryd says they have saved more than one million bottles from landfill and entering the waterways.

“We know we will only touch the surface, but we want to challenge each and every one of you to make a conscious decision when deciding what you buy and how you live. We truly believe it is our responsibility to preserve this world for future generations.

“We want future generations to have the same opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the world the way we do. 100,000 acres of forest are cleared around the world every day. Trees play a vital role in reducing air pollution and converting carbon dioxide into the oxygen we need to breathe. They also significantly reduce carbon emissions and help the fight against climate change.”

Nakie is also committed to reforestation, currently planting four trees for every item purchased.

The hammock is portable and easy to use and weighs only 600gm. Photo: Supplied

The Nakie range includes recycled hammocks, outdoor puff blankets, rain tarps and bug nets, and – their newest addition – beach towels.


Each Nakie hammock is crafted from 37 post-consumer plastic bottles pulled from landfill. The hammock has a weight rating of 225kg or 500LBLs, making it perfect for two people. The hammock is portable and easy to use, weighs 600gm, and comes with no knot hammock straps and carabiners, making setting up the hammock a breeze.

Outdoors blankets

Inspired by puffy down jackets, the blankets consist of 600 fill-power with 500 grams of recycled plastic bottles to ensure you stay warm and cosy. The blanket’s outer shell is made from 90/10 DWR, making it stain- and water-resistant. The outdoor blanket has been designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Bug net and tarp

The bug net and tarp cocoon the hammock and provide protection from the weather and any bugs or insects allowing for a restful night’s sleep. Each bug net and tarp combo weighs just 1.5kg and is nice and compact and can easily fit in a backpack.

Beach towels

All towels are made from approximately 28 recycled plastic post-consumer bottles and are both sand-free and super absorbent. All towels come with a waterproof bag.

For more information and to view the full range, visit nakie.co.nz.