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Fishing & Outdoors Vol 5 Issue 6

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F&O Vol 5 Issue 6

In our latest issue, we delve deep into the risks and impacts posed by wilding pines, shedding light on this pressing issue that calls for collective awareness and decisive measures. 

In the untamed expanse of New Zealand grows a silent intruder that is slowly encroaching upon the native beauty. While the pine trees may appear majestic to the uneducated eye, self-seeded wilding pines are slowly wreaking havoc on the country’s ecosystem, threatening to permanently alter the unique New Zealand landscape.

Wilding pines are causing a significant threat to Aotearoa’s unique biodiversity and ecosystems, with the impact extending to waterways, native bush, and farmland. If left unchecked, the consequences of this are far-reaching and alarming.

In other news, Moana NZ and Sanford announce a long-term partnership, Te Papa showcases Aotearoa’s crustacean celebrities, and boaties are being urged to check their gear to help stop the spread of exotic seaweed.

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