The New Zealand Game Animal Council (GAC) has introduced a new online training course focused on the fundamentals of pig hunting, available on their Better Hunting platform.

Developed in collaboration with experts from the New Zealand Pig Hunting Association, this course aims to educate hunters on key aspects of pig hunting, including ethics, animal welfare, dog training, working with landholders, personal safety, firearms selection, responsibilities, and obligations.

GAC’s General Manager Tim Gale said the course is designed to support those who are new to pig hunting, to undertake it safely and ethically.

“Like all our Better Hunting courses, this programme offers a learning pathway for individuals who have recently obtained their firearms license and wish to enhance their knowledge of safe and successful hunting.

“It’s the only resource like this for pig hunting best practice in the country, so it’s great to be able to provide free e-learning for New Zealand’s unique and valued pig hunting sector.

“If you’ve ever been curious about what pig hunters get up to, are new to hunting, or just new to pig hunting, I’d encourage you to look at the new course. It’s available online for free, all you need to do is create a log in,” he said.

In addition to the new pig hunting course, Better Hunting offers the below courses for free:

Hunting essentials: New Zealand-specific outdoor and hunter safety and skills with everything from weather forecasting, navigation, river crossing, first aid, preparation, access, game animal management and other bushcraft and hunting skills

Firearms essentials: learning safe and successful firearms use. This includes maintenance, sighting in, storage and transport, and technique.

Find out more and access the courses at