Licensed anglers and game-bird hunters across New Zealand are being urged to enrol so they can vote in the upcoming Fish & Game elections, scheduled to open on 19 September this year. Every three years, New Zealand’s 12 regional Fish & Game Councils are elected by licence holders.

To participate in the voting process, license holders must ensure they are registered to be on the electoral roll.

“Everyone who holds a fishing or game-bird hunting licence has the opportunity to vote for their Fish & Game Council,” said Barrie Barnes, chair of Fish & Game New Zealand.

“If New Zealanders are passionate about angling and hunting, it is important they are enrolled to vote so they can elect the next generation of councilors to help shape the future of the sector.

“Fish & Game’s vision is a New Zealand where freshwater habitats and species flourish, where hunting and fishing traditions thrive and all Kiwis enjoy access to sustainable wild fish and game resources.

“If game-bird hunters and anglers share that vision, then I really urge them to make sure they are enrolled before 11 September, so they can vote.”

Fish & Game will be emailing all eligible licence holders who haven’t already enrolled. An online form has also been launched so licence holders can update their status to enable them to vote in the elections

In August, Fish & Game will be seeking nominations for councillors on the 12 regional Fish & Game Councils.

“Every region is looking for people who want to speak up for people who enjoy fishing and hunting in our wild places, and are passionate about ensuring the species we manage and their habitats are protected,” said Barnes.

“Fish & Game is a statutory organisation under the Conservation Act, reporting through to the Minister of Hunting and Fishing.

“The organisation represents around 150,000 licence holders and is comprised of 12 Regional Fish & Game Councils and the New Zealand Fish & Game Council. Each region manages regional sports fish and game resources and habitats, and speaks up on regional issues. This is a great opportunity for people in the angling and hunting community to get involved.”

More information on the elections can be at the Fish and Game website.