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Marlins caught at Bay of Islands Swordfish Club juniors fishing tournament

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Winning team Nammu

Winning team Nammu

Two big blue marlins bagged at the Bay of Island Swordfish Club junior tournament were the highlight of the annual event that was held this year on 4 and 5 January.

Eleven-year-old Oscar Avery, also the Top Male Angler at the tournament, hooked up a 95kg marlin, which was tagged and released on Day 1.

The second big catch – unofficially the biggest catch in the tournament – was a 203.6kg blue marlin hooked up by Oliver Ash aboard Moet.

“Oliver played it for one and a half hours, but, unfortunately, it was too much for him,” said Bob Ash, Oliver’s granddad and the skipper of the boat.

Oliver’s father had to take over the rod, thus disqualifying the catch from the tournament.

“Four hours later, we landed it, but, unfortunately, the fish had died,” said Bob Ash.

“Although a lot of boats chose to stay inshore on Day 1 because of not-so-great weather reports, a lot of snapper, kingfish, and kahawai were caught,” said Olivia Beauchamp, tournament convener.

“With the weather slightly improved the next day, a few more boats went out wide, which saw a couple of albacore hook-ups but no more marlin. There were again a number of kingfish, snapper, and kahawai that were weighed.” 

Eighty-seven anglers and 30 teams participated in the annual event, up from last year’s 66 anglers and 22 teams.

2020 BOISC Juniors Tournament results

  • Heaviest Tuna (all species): Sophia Greenhalgh aboard Lily with a 7.45kg Albacore Tuna
  • Heaviest Kingfish: George Wootton aboard Seahunter with a 12.5kg Yellowtail kingfish
  • Heaviest Kahawai: Flynn Beauchamp aboard Family Jewels with a 2.45kg Kahawai
  • Heaviest Snapper: Josh Patterson aboard Lion Rocker with a 9kg snapper
  • Top Female Angler: Stella Corkill aboard Seahunter with 48.25 points
  • Top Male Angler: Oscar Avery aboard Nammu with 500 points
  • Top Team: Nammu with 500 points

The next tournament will take place in 2021. Dates to be announced later in the year.

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