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Sea-It: readily biodegradable products for boats

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Sea-It was started five years ago in a small factory in Manurewa with a couple of blokes and has today grown to become one of the most environmentally responsible range of products in the New Zealand market.

“We are bloody stoked to push ingredients that are readily biodegradable within 28 days, not just biodegradable at some point in time and in some cases years,” says Simon Wright, co-owner of Sea-It.
“Bottom line, our stuff really works.”

What it is

Sea-It is an environmentally responsible cleaner, salt remover, and surface protectant for all areas where surfaces and equipment are dirty, soiled, or been in contact with salt water, salt air, mud, dirt, grime, or soiling. The protectant polymer fills small gaps in materials allowing water to sheet off.

Sea-It is manufactured using readily biodegradable surfactants and chelating agents along with a protective polymer to reduce the ability of salt, dirt, and oil to re-adhere to surfaces that have been cleaned with the product.

“Readily biodegradable meets a more stringent test than normal biodegradable,” says Simon.

“It’s a term used for substances that meet the very stringent testing criteria of a ready biodegradability test demonstrating ultimate biodegradation within a specified time period usually 15 to 28 days.”

Biodegradable products have the ability at some stage in time to break down safely by biological means into the environment. This could be days, weeks, months, or years.


  • Does not contain phosphates, unlike similar products that contain TSP crystals. Check on the Safety Data Sheets for the presence of phosphates in other products.
  • Readily biodegradable
  • New generation sustainable chemistry, including chelating agents, surfactants, and polymer
  • Contains a polymer for reducing re-soiling and re-depositing
  • Environmentally friendly yet concentrated
  • Excellent cleaning abilities and salt chloride removal
  • Reduces fogging on the inside of boats, vehicles, and glass


Chelating Agents

The agent used in Sea-It is a new-generation formula that’s sustainable and readily biodegradable. This is from natural and renewable sources, unlike other products that use phosphates to tie up metals and ions within the formulation and when the chemical is used.


The surfactants used in Sea-It are at the cutting edge of sustainable and readily biodegradable chemistry – excellent at cleaning and removing soil and salt from all hard surfaces.


The polymer used in Sea-It is a “smart generation” polymer designed to impart cleaning with a surface protectant and soil resistance, which has excellent releasing properties to treated surfaces. Treated surfaces repel soap-film, salt, dirt, soil, grime, and even bathroom grim by creating a highly effective invisible soil barrier. The polymer will fill any unevenness in the surface that dirt normally sticks to.

How Sea-It works

Once the heavy gross soil is removed, clean with Sea-It using the normal method of cleaning. Once the solution has gone onto the surface, the polymer fills any small areas, cracks, or crevices and creates a smooth surface reducing the ability of dirt to adhere to the surface.

Rinse off as normal, leaving a shiny clean surface that will reduce over time the need to engage in heavy cleaning.

The Sea-It range

Choose from a wide range of products, from one- and four-litre concentrate bottles to Rod & Reel Cleaner, Boat Wash Starter Kits, Engine Flush Mixer, Sea-man Cannon, and Sea-man Foamer.

For more information and to view the full range, visit sea-it.co.nz.

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