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Six anglers to represent NZ in Spain

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James Fuller. Photo: Supplied

Six anglers are set to cast off and represent Sports Fly Fishing New Zealand (SFFNZ) at the Worlds and Masters Championships later this year.

The 41st World Fly Fishing Championship will be held in Asturias, Spain, from 25 September to 2 October, and will feature four river (Caudal, Narcea, PiloƱa and Trubia) sessions and one lake (Tineo) session.

The 7th Masters World Fly Fishing Championship will take place from 18 to 24 July, in Trentino, Italy, on the Sarca, Chiese and Noce rivers.

The preparations for both championships have been disrupted by the ongoing Covid-19 situation around the world, and these will be the first representatives SFFNZ has sent to either championship since the 2019 Worlds in Tasmania.

The representatives are:

  • World Championships: Ollie Bassett, Tim Rich, James Fuller
  • Masters Championships: Paul Dewar, Johannes Krill, Peter Scott

The teams are now preparing for the competitions ahead, including weekend team training, practicing a range of techniques.

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