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Fishing & Outdoors Vol 5 Issue 7

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F&O Vol 5 Issue 7

The Resource Management Act (RMA) has been in the news for a while now. For anyone trying to understand the changes, here’s a quick recap: in place of the RMA will be three laws — the Natural and Built Environment Bill, the Spatial Planning Bill, and the Climate Adaptation Bill. 

The Natural and Built Environment Bill aims to create a new legislative framework for how New Zealand manages its natural environment, including freshwater, biodiversity, and resources.

More recently, Parliament’s Environment Select Committee recommended the Government enshrine the protection of the habitat of trout and salmon alongside the protection of indigenous species in the Natural and Built Environment Act.

The select committee also recognised the values Kiwis place on public access to lakes and rivers and recreational use and enjoyment of the natural environment. It has called for these values to be maintained and enhanced.

Take a deep dive into the recommended suggestions in our front-page story this month.

In other news, the Firearms Registry was launched, the cost of trout fishery license has increased, and North Island conservation forests were hit by illegal tree felling.

And with Matariki just around the corner, we’re sharing this delicious 15-minute wild venison and gnocchi bolognese recipe, courtesy of My Food Bag.

Find more fishing and hunting news and updates along with new and used boats for sale in the latest issue.

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