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Christmas Gift Guide 2023

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Christmas gift guide

Clockwise from top left: Westpac Rescue Rashies, No.8 Essentials Stealth Mode unscented deodorant, Stoked towlie, Nakie hammock, Chuffed Gifts, portable wine cooler. Photos: Supplied

This Christmas, wrap up the spirit of adventure. In our gift guide this year, we’ve curated an assortment of presents that will (hopefully) cater to the anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts in your life. Spread the joy!

Stoked towlies

The perfect summer (or year-round) gift, this ethically made and designed in New Zealand towelie is made of 100% Turkish cotton. Better still, it performs as a towel, blanket, and convenient portable changing room if you’re waterside or trying to get changed in a car park.

Westpac Rescue Rashies

Westpac Rescue Rashies™ are rash vests designed to help keep children aged 2–8 safe in and around the water this summer. Their unique fold-back design unzips to display CPR instructions, providing potentially life-saving information in the event of an emergency. They are brightly coloured, making it easy to spot children in busy public areas and offer UPF50+ protection against the harsh New Zealand sun. 100% of the purchase price will go to a local rescue helicopter service of the purchaser’s choice.

Stealth mode

Hunters know all too well that scent detection is the telltale giveaway of human presence. Crafted with hunters in mind, the No.8 Essentials Stealth Mode unscented deodorant aims to tilt the odds in their favour. It comes in eco-friendly packaging (the cardboard tube is compostable) and is available in two sizes: mini and full.


Everyone loves a hammock and what’s even better is one that is created using recycled bottles. This ultralight weight double hammock and hammock straps fit snugly in carry bags and backpacks and consist of approximately 37 recycled plastic bottles.

Chuffed gifts

Sometimes, the best part of going on an adventure is the unknown experiences you’ll encounter. Shaking up experience gift-giving, Chuffed allows you to pick a price and package type and your recipient can then choose an experience from up to 120 options New Zealand-wide. Brilliantly packaged, each box is full of adventure, nature, wellness, tastes, and joy. It’s a genius concept that allows people to enjoy a prepaid experience.

Portable wine cooler

Chill out this summer with this portable wine cooler, ideal for cooling wine, beer, and other cold drinks on the go (takes a bottle diameter of up to 9cm). Compatible with 12VDC and 230VAC power adaptors, the temperature is electronically adjustable, so you can even cool to your preferred temperature from 5 to 18°C.

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